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There's a thought.

There's a thought and it goes round and round my head but never stops and never lets me pin it down.

There's a thought.

There's a thought in my head and I can't get it out and I think if I put words to a page I can maybe pin it down and speak it, or write it, or get it out of my head and into the world.

There's a thought.

What if... it begins. And doesn't go anywhere from there. I can see shapes it might take, outlines of concepts, but not the thing itself. Eluding me again.

There's a thought.

And if I could see it for what it is, would it still be what it is, or something it isn't? No, that's not the thought. Here's the thought:

What if it's all just a joke? Maybe it's a very long joke. Maybe I'm the one telling it. Maybe I'm the punchline. Maybe I'm the target.

But maybe... Just maybe... I'm the one who gets the last laugh.

I like that thought.


Is made up of its emptiness.

This is not true either.
Like, "Why am I spending this much time level-grinding?" or "How many times am I going to die before I get good at this game?"

I met a man in Reno once

And mooched off his wi-fi.

"i've seen ice melt faster

especially when there's stop-motion photography involved."

only mark ronson...

would cover toxic and have ol' dirty bastard rap over it.


how do you know each other?

well, he's a member of the religion my father started...

...and he kind of just facebooked me randomly.

so like, yeah.


my sleeping habits might be helped with a blackjack.

he recently returned

he recently returned from a muff-diving expedition in the south pathetic.